Monday, December 8, 2014

This Blog and Bats

This page is dedicated to my art and the projects I have done or am doing. I plan to talk about illustration, fine art, controversy in art, design, and the things that affect these subjects.  I will also talk about what I am learning about art and provide basic art education. My art style is very diverse, but I tend to focus on the darker side and with this page I want to branch out away from that. It doesn’t mean some of the art I post here won’t be dark, just that not all of it will be.

Question: Ethan, why a bat for your logo?

Answer: I love animals and bats are one of my favorites, these amazing little mammals are highly adaptive, they have excellent hearing (Great listeners), can change direction at a moment’s notice, and are cooperative among their cloud. (A group of bats is a cloud)  These are all characteristics I bring to any team I am on and I feel they are very desirable. So to clarify, the bat is a great example of adaptability, great communication skills, agility, team work, and speed. Just like me.

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